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About Pilates

Joseph Pilates:

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. In his youth, Pilates studied body-building and gymnastics and later became a professional boxer, circus performer and self-defense trainer. In 1925, Pilates emigrated to the United States and founded a fitness studio in New York City. It was there that he, along with his wife Clara, established the school of “Contrology” (later called ‘Pilates’ in homage to the man himself). He described his fitness method as the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit. Pilates continued to develop this method of body conditioning throughout his lifetime and asked his longtime student and protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, to continue teaching his work after he died in 1967. Romana trained instructors and clients in the Pilates method throughout her lifetime, maintaining the integrity of the work in its original form.  


The Pilates Method:

Pilates is a flow-based, core-centered exercise system that strengthens and stretches simultaneously, making it an extremely efficient full body workout. The apparatus, originally designed by Joseph Pilates, utilize resistance to strengthen without impacting the joints. The body is worked evenly, correcting imbalances and preventing future injuries. Rather than working towards increased weight or repetition, Pilates focuses on increasing movement and mobility. The more advanced the workout, the higher the number of exercises performed.  


“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

–Joseph Pilates


Benefits of Pilates:

-Core strength


-Balance and coordination

-Toned muscular appearance

-Injury prevention

-Improved posture

-Spinal health

-Joint health


-Stress relief

-Mental acumen